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2022 Events

We have teamed up with Helion, who are now providing generous prize support for the 5 flagship events we have lined up in 2022.

Those events are

Beachhead 2022 12th/13th February – English Civil War

Rollcall 2nd/3rd April – League of Augsburg , Great Northern War & War of Spanish Succession

Britcon 14th/15th August- (1580-1680)

London Grand Tournament 1st/2nd October – (1680-1721)

Warfare Nov (TBC) – Battles of Sengoku period

You can find full details and discussion on these events on the forum

We encourage inclusively and friendly behaviour, so even if you’ve never played before you will be welcome. We want REG to be a happy crowd so please feel free to join in !

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