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King or Parliament?

it is time to decide. It’s time to set brother on brother in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. The latest army set is now released covering the following armies

  • English in Ireland
  • English Bishops War
  • Scots Royalist
  • Scots Covenanters in Scotland
  • Irish Confederation of Kilkenny
  • Scots Covenanters in Ireland
  • Early Royalist
  • Early Parliamentarian
  • Royalist – Cornish
  • Parliamentarian Northern Association
  • Parliamentarian Western Association
  • Parliamentarian Southern Association
  • Parliamentarian Eastern Association
  • Parliamentarian – The Earl of Essex
  • Parliamentarian – Sir William Waller
  • Parliamentarian – Sir Thomas Fairfax
  • Royalist – Oxford Army
  • Royalist Army
  • Later Parliamentrian
  • Later Royalist – Oxford Army
  • Scots Covenanters in England
  • British Commonwealth and New Model Army
  • Scottish “Engagers”
  • Royalist – Sir Marmaduke Langdale
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