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Beachhead Results

Many thanks to the players who attended this weekends event at Beachhead. The final results are

1st Place – Alasdair Harley – Parliamentarian – Sir Thomas Fairfax

2nd Place – Ray Boyles – British Commonwealth and New Model Army

Best Painted Army – Andy Clarke – Royalist – Oxford Army

Gentleman Player – Tony Hellard – Scots Covenanters in Ireland

It was brisk on the South Coast in February, but much fun was has by all! Many thanks to all the sponsors from Entoyment and Helion who provided vouchers to our worthy winners. A big shout out to Jez for organising and making the whole thing run seamlessly.

The competition was 10K points, and perhaps as a result New Model Army was du jour. That didn’t stop Alasdair from winning with Fairfax’s army, which on the face of it was large but somewhat lacking in quality. The only good thing was that at least he was giving at least 10 points to his opponents each game.

Many thanks to the show organisers. Beachhead is a spacious show, right near the Sea (if only we could book in some good weather ! Jez, please have a word). The event was well run despite the best efforts of the competitors. I include myself in that as I was struck down by the lurgy upon arrival and couldn’t play.

Organising these shows takes much effort. We can do our bit as players. Early entries are always much appreciated as it allows event organisers to plan space. Make sure the army lists are in on time – remember that someone has to check all the lists, so everyone waiting right till the deadline can be a painful experience for lists checkers. So, lets all help each other in this great hobby!

Speaking with Jez, next year there is a plan for a team event with players between MeG and ReG, so one for your thinking caps.

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