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League of Augsburg released

The Last Argument of Kings

Army lists to covering the armies of the War of the Grand Alliance from 1661 to 1699. ¬†Includes ¬†–

  • Restoration British
  • Scots Covenanter Rebels
  • Kuruc Uprisings
  • Early Louis XIV French
  • Brandenburg-Prussia
  • Post Scanian War Swedish
  • Post Scanian War Danish
  • Eastern Hapsburg Austrian Imperial
  • Western Hapsburg Austrian Imperial
  • Duchy of Savoy
  • Electorate of Bavaria
  • Morean War Venetian
  • Allied Army at the Siege of Vienna
  • Hapsburg Spain
  • Monmouth Rebellion
  • Electorate of Saxony
  • Early Anglo-Dutch
  • Williamites in Ireland
  • English Government Forces at Killiecrankie
  • Scottish Jacobite rising
  • Jacobites in Ireland
  • Later Eastern Hapsburg Austrian Imperial
  • Reichskrieg Hapsburg Reichsarmee
  • Later Louis XIV French
  • Later Anglo-Dutch

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