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As we get to the midpoint of the first year we have a plan for some clarifications. As such we are introducing a couple of labels, that will give you a visual clue on the type of change coming. As most of these clarification come from matched play for La Rinascita we will use the moniker Rino.

There will be two types of notification, change and clarification.

Blue Rino will be for bugs and clarification. This also includes new features (such a new characteristics or traits). These are low level amendments, and as such will account for the majority of adjustments we will be doing. Key note for this is that nothing in the core rules, will be changed as a result of Blue Rino.

Blue Rino will only effect web resources.

Red Rino is where there is a more significant change. Where core rules may be changed, or a fundamental mechanism in the game is changed not as a result of a bug. It will be a deliberate design decision. Red Rinos should be rare, and the only one that we would have had this year is the change to Battlewagons, where they were redesigned functionally.

Red Rino can effect the core rules and any of the web resources.

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