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Mid Year tidy up

We have 3 big tournaments coming up in the second half of the year. We’ve had a little tiny up of the web resources, and as an excuse to show you Rinos in action. As such all the web resource documents have been updated to V3 with latest set of clarifications. All of the changes are Blue Rinos, so no major change, only minor fix or clarification.

Given that we have Britcon, Warfare and The London GT coming up the QRS has been reissued. The only changes have been the inclusion of the errata. So you can re-download QRS 1.1 for your account.

Army lists coming up soon are – a brand new one – 21 “Deluge to Devolution” which covers the Scanian Wars and the Early wars of Louis XIV. Following that is 12. India….. more on that to follow

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