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Deluge to Devolution

The latest set to be released is 21. Deluge to Devolution (1640-1680~). Army lists to covering the armies of the Swedish Deluge, Scanian War, Anglo Dutch, War Anglo French War, War of Devolution and a few more to boot.

Lists Included  –

  • Brandenburg-Prussia (Elector Frederick William)
  • Braganza Portugal (João IV & Afonso VI)
  • Hapsburg Spain (Philip IV)
  • Principality of Catalonia
  • Sweden (Charles X Gustav & Charles XI)
  • Denmark (Frederick III)
  • The Fronde
  • France (Louis XIV)
  • Dutch Republic (Grand Pensionary de Witt)
  • Spanish Netherlands (Army of Flanders)
  • Hapsburg Austria (Ferdinand III & Leopold I)
  • Hapsburg Spain (Charles II)
  • Denmark (Christian V)
  • Brandenburg-Prussian (Elector Frederick William)
  • Spanish Netherlands (End of the Army of Flanders)
  • Hapsburg Austria (Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor)
  • Dutch Republic (William of Orange)
  • Sweden (Charles XI)

Now available in the web store

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