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Hapsburg facing East released!

Army lists to covering the armies of the The Hapsburg and nations to the East from 1494 to 1621

Includes  –

  • Kingdom of Hungary (King Vladislaus II & Louis II)
  • Principality of Transylvania
  • Principality of Moldavia and Wallachia
  • Sweden (House of Oldenburg)
  • Tatar Khanates
  • Principality of Moscow (Rurik Dynasty)
  • Kalmar Union (John II/Hans & Christian II)
  • Kingdom of Poland (Jagiellonian dynasty)
  • Dózsa Rebellion
  • Teutonic Knights
  • Holy Roman Empire (Charles V) in the East
  • Cossack Hosts
  • Tsardom of Russia
  • Holy Roman Empire (House of Habsburg)
  • Sweden (House of Vasa)
  • Denmark & Norway (The Kalmar War)
  • Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

To support this release there is a new version of the Characteristic Document and the Army Builder

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