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Renatio et Gloriam newsletter

With the Summer upon us, its time to take stock on where are are and what is coming in the rest of 2022.

The next big tournament we have coming up is at Britcon.

We are aware that there have been a lot of releases of late. Getting all the army lists out have meant that all the web resources have been volatile. To confirm the the web resource documents that are currently in place will not change until after Britcon.

To confirm

Army Traits v3
Characteristics v3.1
Formations v3.1
Terrain v3
QRS 1.1
Army Builder 1.8

Are current versions and are the ones we will use for Britcon.

Note – these versions do support rules for the upcoming India list set, which will be out shortly.
Some of these are ‘in date’ for Britcon so if you fancy an Elephant or two – you are welcome to join!unnamed
After Britcon
At the end of August we have something a bit different with some lists that are at a more ‘macro’ scale. In the works we have –

Holy League – 1571
Colonial Powers
Pirates and Privateers
North Africa
Continental Africa

They will follow the same format of the existing army lists, but are much smaller in scale, with traits and characteristics that will give a different flavour to the bigger games.

These lists should take us til the end of 2022.
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