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India released!

Army lists covering the armies of India from 1494 to 1721 has now been released

Includes  –

  • Gajapati Empire
  • Sultanate of Gujarat
  • Dehli Sultanate (Lodi Dynasty)
  • Vijayanagar Empire (Tuluva Dynasty)
  • Independent Deccan Sultanates
  • Sultanate of Bengal
  • Rajput Kingdoms
  • Independent Kingdom of Kandy
  • Mughal Invasion
  • Mughal Empire (Gurkani Dynasty)
  • Sur Empire
  • Deccan Sultanates (Decline and Fall)
  • Mughal Empire (Decline of the Gurkani Dynasty)
  • Vijayanagar Army (Aravidu Dynasty)
  • Kingdom of Kandy (Dutch period)
  • Maratha Empire

You can find the list to purchase in the shop

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