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Western Colonies released!

This is the first in a series of lists presented at a reduced scale when compared to other Renatio et
Gloriam list-sets. Armies here are much smaller in size, and as such we have flexed the scale
to accommodate these smaller conflicts. The rules between armies remain consistent,
meaning you can play armies from reduced scale and the regular lists if you so desire.

Army lists covering the armies of Western European Colonisation from 1494 to 1721

Includes  –

  • Kingdom of Portugal (Colonial Empire)
  • Kingdom of Portugal (Portuguese State of India)
  • Kingdom of Portugal (Portuguese Kongo)
  • Kingdom of Portugal (Portuguese Fort of Malacca)
  • Privateers and ‘Supplementary Navies’
  • Kingdom of Portugal (Portuguese Brazil)
  • Kingdom of France (France Antarctique)
  • Habsburg Spain (Spanish Philippines)
  • Kingdom of England (East India Company)
  • Dutch Republic (Dutch India)
  • Dutch Republic (Dutch Malacca)
  • Dutch Republic (Colonial Empire)
  • Golden Age of Piracy
  • Dutch Republic (Dutch Formosa)
  • Dutch Republic (Dutch Brazil)
  • Dutch Republic (Dutch Loango-Angola)
  • Kingdom of Portugal (Diminishing years in India)
  • Habsburg Spain (Marianna Islands)
  • Chamorro people

When you purchase this PDF, this is the current version and all future versions of the file. From your account page when you download the list, this it will be the most current version.

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