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Renatio et Gloriam 2023

Looking towards the new year we have been busy behind the scenes getting ready the REG 2023 release. The changes are relatively minor, but we will spotlight some of salient developments on the REG site over the next few weeks. So, please keep an eye out! Here is a whistle-stop of things to look out for in 2023.

Screenshot 2021-12-24 at 12.55.55
Our friends at Helion will continue to support our events over the year with prize Support. There are 4 events
with Prize support

BADCon (February)
Skullrollers (May)
Britcon (August)
Warfare (November)

I hope to see you there. There are many more events that you can find here

Rules Changes
The changes will be released on 1st Jan 2023. The core rules will not change. The rules PDF will be re-released, but only with the errata from 2022. If you have printed the book, then this will not be invalidated.
Most of the the change will be in the online resources. There will be new versions of each of these. Also included will be a new version of the QRS and Terrain sheets.Army TraitsThese are all now free.

Troop Points
There have been many point adjustments to balance those types that have been identified as overly effective for their cost.
simon_rocketsix_english_civil_war_royalist_cavalier_cavalry._ba_87215cd8-a218-4cce-85a1-8c079451fabfWestern Horse
Western Horse has been split now into two types. Linear and Solid, this is just to differentiate between formations which have significant ranks, versus those that are shallower and rely on width. So for example Dutch and Swedish doctrine are good examples of this.

Army List changes
All of the army lists will be reissued for 2023. Many lists have been expanded and gaps have been filled. There will also be an army index. Part of the tidy up was to re-label the list with a consistent naming convention. The army numbering have been aligned.

Please note Рif you have already purchased any of the PDF, they will all be available to download again in January, you will not need to pay again.

Screenshot 2022-12-07 at 17.03.24
So, for example if we took France, we can now list, by date, ruler, and which book you can find the list inScreenshot 2022-12-07 at 17.54.53
We will spotlight the main changes on the REG site soon, so please pay a visit and see what you can look forward to in 2023!
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