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Renatio et Gloriam 2023 released

2023 Release now available
The Renatio et Gloriam release for 2023 has now been uploaded to the site. This is full refresh of the all the rule items and the lists. For existing purchases its simply a case of visiting the download section in you account and re-downloading your files. You will get the latest versions of the PDFs.

Just as note the Core rules haven’t changes much at all. If you have printed out the core rules you may may wish to check the errata page, as its only the errata found during 2022 that have been included. There is a single core rule change that is detailed on the errata page also.

The QRS has been comprehensively redesigned, based on another year of play, and there have been changes to the terrain and PBS documents. So please check them out!
Print on DemandBased on feedback we’ve been receiving there is now an option to get the core rules printed on demand. So, is you do want a physical copy of the core rules then you can head over to and purchase there. This is a global POD service, so you will get your books locally to you.

Renatio et Gloriam core rules at Lulu

Please note this is not the complete rules package. It does not include QRS , PBS etc. This is just for those who wish to have a physical copy of the core rules. The purchase of the Rule materials package is still required to play the game
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