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Army Trait bug fix

There is a new release for the Army Trait document. The only alteration is for Chequerboard. Added is the following –

While qualified for chequerboard, those adjacent files that have corner-to-corner contact count as being in partial side edge contact for ‘shove’ & ‘shatter’ purposes.

This applies to both the charge phase and fighting phase. This is to stop pike and shot with shove being penalised by being in Chequerboard

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SkullRollers! the big event

The next big ReG event we have is SkullRollers at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry. Sponsored by Helion and Simon Hall it promises a rich abundance of prizes!

The theme is a classic – War of Three Kingdoms. 9000pt 15mm armies

Battlefield Hobbies is a central location so is in easy travelling distance from most of the UK.
While it is called a competition, we’re trying to engender a gentlemanly play style, and beginners are most welcome.

Sponsored by our friends at Helion we have great prize support !

Its time to strike for King or Parliament!

So, if you fancy a game you can get your ticket here

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Siberia released!

With many thanks to Chris Peers, we have released lists for the conquest of Siberia. The lists include –

Western Siberia
Buryats and Yenisei Kyrghiz
Chukchi and Koryaks
Khanate of Sibir
Siberian Cossack

Whats more is that the lists are FREE. So there is no excuse to download them and have a look at this unusual period.

Visit the shop here to download them now

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ReG – Epico

Epico is an evolution of the core Renatio et Gloriam rules to allow streamlined play.

It came about as Warlord Games released their Epic range of miniatures. Epico also allows 28mm play on a smaller table without the need to reduce the size of TUGs.
The streamlined nature of the rules means that Epico is great for teaching new players.

The modifications are in Draft format – attached here

If you want to take part in a playtest let me know

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Scots and Germans…

We’ve had a few gremlins creep into a couple of list sets.

In ‘On the Dnieper’ in the Polish and Russian lists the classification of European/German style horse was at odds with those in the western books. This has been aligned.

In ‘Rough Wooing’ more options for Scottish protection has been added

In ‘Three Kingdoms’ the Scots Montrose infantry has been granulated somewhat.

Rather than making a wordy errata, I have re-issued these 3 sets with the updated lists