13. Central Asia


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Army lists to covering the armies of the Central Asia from 1494 to 1721.  Includes  –

  • Kazakh Khanate
  • Mamluk Sultanate
  • Circassia (King Inal the Great and later Principalities)
  • Anatolian Turkomans
  • Ak Koyunlu Turkomans
  • Safavid Persia (Ismāʻil I)
  • Uzbek Khanates
  • Safavid Persia (Tahmāsp and sons)
  • Safavid Persia (Abbas the Great)
  • Safavid Persia (Safi & Abbas II)
  • Safavid Persia (Suleiman I & Sultan Husayn)

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