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For the completist, Master of Lists, we offer an army list bundle. This is for all the PDF army lists published now, and all the PDF lists that will ever be published. By buying this you will never miss a release. When you purchase this you will get an archive of all the released lists. As each list is released it gets automatically added to the archive, so all you have to do is re-download from the ‘my account’ page.

The current release is as follows –

  • 1. Italian Wars
  • 2. Habsburg facing East
  • 3. A Rough Wooing and Revolting Peasants
  • 4. The French War of Religion
  • 5. Banks of the Dnieper
  • 6. Thirty Years War
  • 7. Wars of the Three Kingdoms
  • 8. Meso America
  • 9. South America
  • 10. Japan
  • 11. China
  • 12. India
  • 13. Central Asia
  • 14. League of Augsburg
  • 15. The Great Northern War
  • 16. War of Spanish Succession
  • 17. Southeast Asia
  • 18. Western Africa
  • 19. North America
  • 20. The Ottoman Empire
  • 21. Deluge to Devolution
  • 22. The Holy League
  • 23. Western Colonies
  • 24. East African Coastline
  • 25. Bantu peoples
  • 26. North Africa & Middle East
  • 27. Siberia
  • 28. La Guerre Folle
  • 29.Condottieri

When you purchase this PDF, this is the current version and all future versions of the file. From your account page when you download the list, this it will be the most current version.

Those lists that will be published by Helion, will supercede those listed here, as an when they are released.


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