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Mortem et Gloriam was launched in 2016 and has gathered a large body of support and players over the last 3 years – culminating in a fine World Championship played in 2019 with representatives from UK, France and the USA all competing for the title.

  • Maximus (largest) is our big battle game. Armies typically have 10-20 “units” and 70-100 bases. It is played on a 6’x4’ table with 15mm, or a 9’x5’ table with 28mm figures.
  • Magna (large) has been designed to allow our great looking 28mm figures to be used on a standard 6’x4’ or to play 15mm scale where it is played on a 4’x3’ table. Armies still have 10-20 “units”, and this is why the game is fundamentally the same, just with fewer bases per unit. An army will typically be 40-60 bases. Games play to a conclusion in about 2 hours.
  • Pacto (compact) is our small game, but in no way feels small as it keeps all the main features of Maximus that players like. Armies still have 10-20 “units” – so again this is why it keeps the feel of the larger games. But it can be played with armies of just 20-30 bases, making it good for travel and easy to build. If you are someone who is starting tabletop wargaming for the first time, may I warmly welcome you to the hobby and a fantastic future of fun and camaraderie playing at being a general with your friends. Have fun!


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